Primary 3 to Primary 6, 3 hours Programme

Sec 1 to sec 5, 3 hours Programme

Every student can benefit from learning effective studying skills. Students already with good grades will be thrilled to learn how to score as well with less time. While students with average results will be delighted to learn that there is a reason why they are struggling and that there are actually study skills that work!

This programme aims to help students to understand how learning is done in order to achieve better results in their academic studies.We equip students with highly effective study management skills such as memory techniques and set their learning attitude on their academic results as an independent learner. Our programme will help them to understand their individual learning profile and creates a learning mind in your child so that he/she is able to achieve the better academic results with same effort.

How will my child benefit?

After attending the programme, your child will be able to:

  • Apply various effective study techniques.
  • Organise and present ideas logically.
  • Collaborative mapping for better learning and thinking.
  • Capture and comprehend vast amounts of information.
  • Effective preparation for a test or examination.
  • Expands their mental capabilities.

General FAQs

1Is Effective Study Skills Programme suitable for students who are in ITE, Polytechnic or University?
Yes! For students who are in tertiary, they usually face even more jargons and technical terms that requires them to memorise. Our programme will be able to share with them more on memory techniques and learning demonstration on how to apply the learnt techniques to the studies so that they can cut down studying timing.
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