Memory For Science - (Primary 3 to Primary 6)

Memory For Science – (PSLE Revision)

Are you looking for a course that provides a head start for your child in his/her Science or looking for a revision course for your child going for PSLE this year? This is the programme just for you!

Unlike the normal Science tuition, our ‘Memory For Science’ programme takes your child back to the classroom once again by going through all the Science chapters based on the latest MOE syllabus. Our Science home programme which provides one to one teaching, seeks to help our student to improve their Science concepts through understanding, retention of knowledge and tackling common questions through using creative and fun methodology uniquely to our students and our team.

Students can be overwhelmed with the numerous science concepts and vast information that they need to understand and remember for examinations. This Memory for Science programme is specially formulated for students to improve their strength in information retention and recall their science contents without getting blockage in their mind. They will have easier access to accurate information in their mind when needed.

How will my child benefit?

After attending the programme, your child will be able to:

  • Remember Science concepts accurately
  • Effective preparation for a test or examination
  • Avoid losing marks from common questions
  • Enrich and deepen Science knowledge according to latest MOE syllabus
  • Provides advantage to your child by understanding all Science topics for PSLE in advance
  • Provides thorough revision for your child going for PSLE
  • Regain interest and confidence in Science
  • Active recall of Science contents during examination

To find out more, you may contact us here. We will be happy to hear from you!

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