Singapore Learning Mind helps students who are experiencing the following:

  • Underperforming students in their academic studies
  • Students with learning disabilities (ADHD/ ADD, Dyslexia and Autism)
  • Difficulties in focusing or concentrating in class
  • Exhibit poor memory in certain areas
  • Seeking for improvement in cognitive skills

Many would question the reason on focusing on the students who are displaying weaker learning capabilities as it is undeniably easier to teach learners who are already having better scores in school. However, we deeply believe that we should not give up on any child and it is mainly because they have not learnt how to learn.

We care more about individual student’s progress regardless of their current results as the most satisfactory part of being an educator is to be able to see their progress and eventually witness them achieving of what was initially impossible to them.

When we can show the way on effective learning to students, it will be much easier to understand and remember the knowledge that are being taught in school.

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