Personal Brain Training (Primary 1 to Primary 6)

To Parents: Is Your Child Learning New Things In School Daily, Yet It Seems They Can't Retain What They Learned?

Personal Brain Training is a play-based intensive mind stimulation programme for children of age 7 to 12 to strengthen their neuronal pathway of brain development with positive learning techniques. Not only does the programme simply improves the academic results, it also sets the right tone for lifelong learning in your child’s daily life and various challenges in life.

While it helps to redesign their attitude and mindset in the process, we can achieve greater heights by getting good academic results and life skills. In the 21st century, it is already common knowledge that character development and attitude towards our goal are equally important as well as obtaining good academic results.

Personal Brain Training programme is designed to link engaging and fun activities with proven neuroscience research that boost child’s potential in both cognitive and behaviour.

Personal Brain Training is specially formulated to target at young children who are having difficulties learning in a group, and as such it is tailored made according to your child’s individual learning style with a dedicated trainer to follow through the entire programme with him/her.

As our programmes comes with scientific brain based learning,we design our individual training curriculum from holistic to specific area of cognitive development and according to how students will learn most effectively. We always seek resource-intensive pathways to find the best learning style and to tap on the child’s true potential in his cognitive abilities.

This programme will greatly benefit for underperforming students and students with learning disabilities. To find out more, you may contact us here. We will be happy to hear from you!

How will my child benefit?

After attending the programme, your child will be able to:

  • Improve behaviour through tuning of attitude
  • Increase memory power in both visual and auditory aspect
  • Concentration and Attention span
  • Boost spatial memory and organisation skills
  • Ability to set goals to improve their work
  • Ability to work things out independently
  • Increase in processing speed
  • Critical thinking through visual perception
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