Our Vision

To become leading organisation, in unleashing full potential in our learners on their whole mind system in both conscious and subconscious mind.

Our Mission

Sets the Mind for Lifelong Learning

What we do

Singapore Learning Mind specialises in the area of “Character and Cognitive Skills Development” by nurturing learners with the correct learning mindset while providing them with the fun and enriching experience in learning. We are serious in our work of an educator and we only provide dedicated and committed trainers to our participants. We cultivate our certified trainers with passion to go forth and meet beyond our clients’ demands in the most suitable approach.

Just like any other parent in the world, Singapore Learning Mind wants our students to be able to stand up to the adversity in life and various challenges put up by the global society in all aspects. We will want them to be able to live successfully and independently even when it comes to the day where we are unable to protect them any further.

Based on research findings on understanding how learning takes place, Singapore Learning Mind provide the 3 learnings for our students:

  • Behavioral Learning – Formulate the learning through behavioral conditioning
  • Cognitive Learning – Learning based on mental information processing
  • Social Learning – Learning through observation of others and influence
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